Google Maps Showing Fewer Business Listings In Map Results

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On Friday, I reported about the compression and hyper localization of the google Maps results. Well, it has been a few days and it has not changed, more and more local SEOs are complaining and saying that Google is showing fewer and fewer business listings in the Google Maps results.

This includes showing fewer results on the left hand side where it shows local listings as well as it showing less results in the map itself with less pins showing up for local businesses. I personally saw this when I searched for some keywords that I track - although I do not have before and after screen shots.

However a thread at the Google My Business Help forums has one person who showed somewhat the same before and after shots showing fewer listings in the map.


Before Google Maps Pins


After Google Maps Pins

It isn't 100% exact but it does show fewer listings even when the after shot seems more zoomed out.

Most of the complaints are around local SEOs saying their client listing isn't showing up anymore. But the bigger issue is Google is showing fewer results. I'll try to get something on the record from Google on this.

Here are some of the comments from local SEOs from the various threads:

I have also noticed a great reduction in the number of map results recently. Some verticals and markets seem to have been hit more than others but it does appear to be widespread.

This has hit multiple industries in many US and Canadian locations.

Looks like there was definitely a shakeup

Google has certainly narrowed Local Pack results to a smaller geo area. I ran searches for different keywords in Minneapolis/St Paul and saw very similar changes.

It goes on an on.

Forum discussion at Google My Business Help & Local Search Forums.

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