When John Mueller Of Google Is Frustrated A Site Not Ranking Well

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Google Cat Frustrated

I often give this fluffy advice that you should "build a site and content that Google is embarrassed doesn't rank well for the queries they deserve to rank for." Well, here is an example of that advice working. John Mueller of Google has watched a site do everything it should and it still doesn't rank. What is he going to do?

He said he will bring this specific site to the search engineers to figure out what the issue is. It is a Google issue? Is it something John is missing and specific advice he can give to the web site owner? Or is it that the site just won't rank anymore.

At the 10:47 mark into this video hangout with John Mueller of Google he said:

This is a follow up to some questions regarding a big drop in rankings with our website. I've seen you and your website around for a while now and it's kind of frustrating to see that it's not picking up from your side. And you list a whole bunch of things that sound like like good ideas that you've been working on. So I'll definitely pass this on to the team to double-check to see if there's anything more specific that we can point out. So I think your idea the moment is to change domain names. Which is is a pretty drastic measure. So that's something where I'll double-check with the team here to see if we can point it point out something more specific that that might be worth looking at or if it's more a matter of well the web has just changed significantly over time and things that used to be very very relevant in the search results, or maybe not so relevant anymore for specific queries. But I'll double check with the team here again.

Here is the video embed at the start time:

Which site is this? I am not 100% sure, but all the questions submitted are over here.

What will be the outcome? I am curious to see.

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