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Yesterday we reported how Google released the Google Indexing API specifically for job posting URLs but if you look closely at the wording, the API can be expanded well beyond just job posting URLs. I asked John Mueller of Google about the possibility of Google expanding the Indexing API beyond just job posting URLs and he said "I don't know." Well, we'd expect that kind of answer from him.

So I dug deeper and he said "I don't know how how far we we can take that." But the wording of the API pages makes it sound like it will be expanded to other areas and I know Google, espesially John Mueller, hates to preannounce things. He said "Yeah, I mean it's it's something where we we need to see how how it works out first." So maybe we will see this used in other areas but for not, I guess they want to see how it works with just job posting URLs.

John also said this is a brand new API and has nothing to do with the real time indexing API from a couple years ago or other APIs.

Here is the video embed, watch me ask him the questions at 2 minutes in:


Barry: Job posting URLs is a really nice way to start with that [the Indexing API] obviously, like you guys described. Will you guys be releasing it for more areas, not just job posting URLs.

John: I don't know. I don't know how how far we we can take that.

I think especially for jobs it's something where we've noticed this is a real problem. Not just getting stuff index but also getting stuff out fairly quickly.

But I don't know if that's something that will be available for for other types of content as well.

Barry: If you look at the website we was worded in a way that sounds like it will be released for other areas.

John: Yeah, I mean it's it's something where we we need to see how how it works out first.

Barry: And this is different than what was was two years ago at the Google I/O thing around real-time indexing API?

John: Totally different. I think it's a totally new API.

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