Google Glass XE9 Snagged My "How Do I" App With "How To" Video Results

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Glass XE9Google released an update to the Glass software codenamed XE9, the update is tremendous and adds a ton of search and other features. In short, it added video search results, news search results, sound search results, vignettes, transit cards, reminder cards, attractions nearby cards, nearby photo spots, search history for Glass, Google Apps support and remote control via MyGlass App.

Let's start with the feature Google "borrowed" from my How Do I Glass App. In short, it is the same thing but tightly integrated because Google has access to make it tight. You ask Google via Glass, "how to do X," instead of my verbiage, "how do I do X" and Google will give you back search results. If the search result is a video, it will let you play the video. My app searched YouTube and required a few more clicks.

Here is a vignette of me trying Google's version of the how to video search:

Google Glass How To Vignette

Other search features include:

News search results: Get the latest news through a Glass search. Do a Google search from Glass on a newsworthy topic, and you'll see a dedicated news card on the subject.

Google Glass News Results

Sound Search : Found your new jam, but just don't know the name of the artist? Long press the touchpad for a Google search and swipe forward to start a sound search. Glass will listen for a moment and identify the name and artist. Alternatively, you can start a sound search by voice command. Say "ok glass, google what song is this?" from the Home menu.

Tip, Othar Hansson's team at Google worked on this, as he said on Google+.


Plus many other neat features like the vignettes that allow me to show you how I see what I see in Glass, as I see it. Also, the remote control is neat for demos. Plus of course, the Apps support and some other features listed above.

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