Google Crushes Ghost Rank 2.0, A Russian Link Network

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Ghost Rank 2.0 LogoRemember about three weeks ago, Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, issued a warning to Ghost networks? Well, it seems that the update we reported yesterday had to do with Google squashing one or two underground link networks.

I am pretty confident, 99% confident, based on the data I see in the forums and some sources I have that want to remain anonymous, that Ghost Rank 2.0 was hit hard by Google. It seems that at least one of the underground and under the radar networks was severely hurt by Google and many of the sites using them to rank well in Google are now penalized.

If you follow the ongoing Black Hat World thread, you will see many Ghost Rank 2.0 clients complaining and "Leith" responding to customers with those complaints admitting that they were hit.

Unfortunately, it looks like you were one of the clients affected from the recent update.

Leith added:

Yes, it's unfortunate but Google is getting more strict with these russian links and that's why we're changing things up to better improve the service.

Starting around the 19th or 20th of September, I saw significant increases in complaints about this network. Here are some of them:

My site dropped off the map completely and due to this wary google is targeting these types of links.

This service wasnt good at all.. I was at 10th and now my site also is gone.. Rank only increased to 8 for a few days.. Poor me i fell prey to the reviews . I am at 98th position now.

I also received a screen shot of an email that one of the link networks sent out calling this Google action "more esoteric in nature" than previous updates. I am not sure if this is from the Ghost Rank 2.0 network or another but it does seem Google has stepped up their efforts on attacking these underground and "secret" link networks.

Here is a copy of the email:

click for full size

Be safe, don't mess with these link networks. We have reported similar things with other link networks, such as SAPE.

Forum discussion at Black Hat World.

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