Google Logo For Emmy Noether's 133rd Birthday With A Math & Physics Doodle

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Today on the Google home page is a special Google logo, aka Doodle for the 133rd birthday of Emmy Noether.

Emmy Noether Google Doodle

The logo is to remember one of the most significant mathematicians ever to live. Emmy Noether was born on March 23, 1882 in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany - that is almost exactly 100 years before I was born (by 2 years and one day) and lived to the young age of 53 on April 14, 1935 in the US in Pennsylvania. She likely died from complications during surgery to attempt to remove a large tumor.

The Doodler, Sophie Diao said when she first started designing the logo she started with a logo design to demonstrate the Noether’s Theorem. But she decided to change and go with "branch of math or physics that Noether devoted her illustrious career to." She explained the Doodle:

From left to right, you can see topology (the donut and coffee mug), ascending/descending chains, Noetherian rings (represented in the doodle by the Lasker-Noether theorem), time, group theory, conservation of angular momentum, and continuous symmetries–and the list keeps going on and on from there! Noether’s advancements not only reflect her brilliance but also her determination in the face of adversity.

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