Webmasters Upset Big Brands Get Personalized Responses From Google's Matt Cutts

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Google VIP CardMany webmasters know that it is incredibly hard to get a Google representative to respond to their concerns one-on-one, let alone Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts.

Google simply does not have the resources, man power or desire to respond to each webmaster concern one-on-one. I respect that and you should also.

But remember when Google slapped Sprint for a UGC spam penalty? Well, Google's Matt Cutts responded directly to the thread to help out. Matt Cutts also did so for Mozilla's penalty also.

This makes webmasters angry when they have been looking for personalized assistance from Google and have not received any.

Truth is, can you blame Google? Heck, I don't personally cover 95% of the webmaster issues in the forums. But when I see a big brand like Mozilla, Sprint, BBC, etc complaining in the forums, I am going to take notice and call it out. Google is also going to take notice because I called it out and because they are a big brand. People, consumers, users take more notice of bigger brands.

Is it fair? Probably not. But it is the world we live in. Google says time and time again, they try to level the playing field between big and small businesses. Is this hypocritical or Google simply cannot win in this situation?

Here is one complaint from the thread:

I had to LOL on this one Cutts. Here we have a major company complaining, just like all the rest of us small companies do, about pretty much the same stuff, yet you venture to give an answer. Wow, you are the front runner when it comes to Google customer service.

Seriously Matt, you and your company have collectively destroyed companies and lives on a massive scale with NO explanation, not even an email stating what Kent had, and left these failed sites to die.

Do the world a favor and get some customer service people employed to help people get on line when they have figure what the heck they have done wrong, which now is almost an impossible task on its own.

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