Google Crawl Stats Report Includes HTML, Images, PDFs & Even AdBot Crawler

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Mihai Aperghis asked Google's John Mueller about the Google Search Console crawl stats report asking if it includes data on just HTML pages or also images, PDFs, etc. John said not only does it include all crawl data, including HTML pages, images and PDFs and others - but also includes activity from GoogleBots such as the AdBots.

The question was "regarding Search Console and pages crawled per day, does that only include HTML pages or does that include PDFs, images and everything else?"

John Mueller of Google responded "that includes pretty much everything." "That also includes, I believe, the AdsBots request which also go through GoogleBot IP addresses. I think. Yea," he added.

The help document doesn't mention the different bots but it does say "these stats take into account all content types that we download (such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and PDF files, and images)."

Forum discussion at YouTube.

This post was scheduled to go live today but was written earlier - I am currently offline today.

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