How Not To Complain About Search Results To Google

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Google Complaint

Danny Sullivan who is now working within Google search has responded to an SEO who has sent several complaints to Google over competitors outranking him for his own content. Danny Sullivan and him went back and forth, with Danny explaining to him that his complaint was reviewed but Danny was advising him the way he submitted the complaint was not the best.

Here is the complaint on Twitter:

This is how Danny Sullivan responded:

Danny said he knows he submitted a complaint and suggested he put aside the "negative SEO links stuff." Super interesting that Google would ignore a complaint because the SEO thinks he knows the cause issue, even if the cause issue is incorrect, shouldn't Google look at the end result?

Google admitted to seeing the report on some level, Danny himself is publicly mentioning details of it:

He goes on to suggest how to submit this feedback in the future:

Honestly, maybe Google should have looked at the issue and figured out the cause of the issue themselves? For all I know, they did this and didn't communicate their findings to the SEO after reviewing it. But who cares if the SEO is blaming negative SEO? Does it matter really? Yea, it can be an annoying thing for Googlers to read but so what?

Of course, Google doesn't have to respond to any of these requests. But this exchange does provide some insight into the process that we have really never seen before.

What do you all think of how Google handled this one?

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