Google Analytics Stop Working For You? You Are Not Alone.


Google Analytics LogoThere are tons of reports in the Google Analytics Help forums reporting a bug that the Google Analytics reports stopped working and updating yesterday.

The weird thing is that it isn't impacting everyone, i.e. my reporting is fine. It is also not impacting the real time reporting. Just the standard reporting is not working or updating, but the real time is indeed showing traffic to the sites.

Here is a screen shot from one Google Analytics user showing the issue with the reports:

Google Analytics Stop Working

Again, there are tons and tons of Google Analytics users currently complaining about zero statistics showing up for them in their Analytics. Personally, I cannot replicate this but there are swarms of complaints.

Here is one of the many complaints:

Google analytics has been working fine until today. I have been getting 400 to 500 visits a day and today all of a sudden it shows 0. Do anyone know a fix?

So don't panic if your stats look horrible today, it is a wider issue and I am sure Google will fix it.

Also, the Google Analytics Dashboard now does confirm issues:

Google Analytics Dashboard

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Help & WebmasterWorld.

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