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Since last night, some have been sporadically complaining that the Google Analytics Real Time reports are not loading. Instead they are getting an error that reads "resource is not available, please try again later." For me, it works and for many it works, but I've received enough complaints via email, social media and forum threads to report on it here.

Here is a screen shot of what some are seeing when they try to access the real time reports in Google Analytics. I took the screen shot from this Google Analytics Help thread:

click for full size

Seems like this is the GA profile for Lift, maybe? In any event, there are lots of me toos reporting they are also having the issue.

When I go to it, it loads fine for me, here is a screen shot:

Google Analytics Real Time Stat

Okay, I edited the real time traffic as a joke, but it does work for me.

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Help & Twitter.

Update: Google said a fix should be out soon and for now, clear your cookies.

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