Google Analytics Adds Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Tracking Support


Google Analytics Amp

Google announced that Google Analytics now supports tracking Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages. Google is pushing fast with AMP and they are trying to get all their ducks lined up for its big debut at the end of this month in Google Search.

Google said:

The Google Analytics team is committed to helping our users measure their content wherever it appears. So, for publishers looking to use AMP to provide an improved user experience, we've released Google Analytics measurement capabilities for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP support in Google Analytics makes it easy to identify your best content and optimize your user experience.

Google explained the configuration for AMP Analytics works hand in hand with a global event listener that automatically detects triggers like button presses. Google added "there’s no need to scatter custom JavaScript throughout your page to detect actions that should trigger events and hits. Instead, you can define which actions should trigger hits within the configuration section and let the magic of AMP do the rest."

So if you go AMP, you can track it with Google Analytics.

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