February 7th Google Algorithm Update Was Big

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Last week, I reported about a Google update that touched down on Tuesday, February 7th. Well, it seems that update was fairly significant and more and more webmasters and SEOs are taking notice.

The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is heavy into it and there are new threads popping up at the Black Hat World forums as well. Many have shared screen shots of their traffic or visibility drops with Google organic search as well.

Here are two from Glenn Gabe:

He told me has many others to share and will be working up a detailed blog post of his own on his blog in the upcoming days.

Here are some more recent remarks in the forums:

I've been monitoring my main keywords since Monday.

I see a completely non-standard float. Right now my main keyword went down to the eighth page, a few hours later it returned to normal.

Seen massive changes in serps again over the past few days. Something has definitely rolled out.

We've had a noticeable increase in Google traffic in the last few days. It started on Monday, and the increases for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday over the previous week have ranged from about 10 to 13 percent.

30K a month has gone to 15K a month.

Thats how hard I have been hit with this update. Spent last 2 years improving the entire site and spent well over $30,000 on site. Have no popups no adverts just some amazon links... fresh content added 3 times a week every week for past 4 years. Feb the 7th I got hammered, Why ? i dont know ..maybe my site does not have enough adverts ? not enough popups ? ...The problem with this model of business is you can spend a lot of time on something and it ends up all turning to nothing. Its a horrible place to be..lucky i have a second job.. I feel for others without that luxury... Just imagine doing your house up for a year or two, spending loads of money on it.. then finding out your house is now worth 30% less than when you started.. This is how bad things are with this business model DEPRESSING

A lot of terms that I track for my site and a few tests seems to be dancing a lot, specially sites on 2nd and 1st page. Anyone else?

I can keep going on. In fact, there are almost 200 comments in my original story about these changes.

Have you seen changes? Some are loving them and some are hating them - which is typical of any Google update.

Google has not confirmed or denied any update but I will ask them again.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.

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