New: Google Ads Certification Requires You To Record Yourself Taking The Test

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Google Ads has a certification program and has had one for a while. But Google is now requiring some, if not all, advertisers who take the certification exam to record themselves while they take the test.

PPC Greg received an email notification from one of Google's certification exam partners with the details. The new requirements say you need to (1) take a picture of a photo ID, (2) take a picture of your face and also (3) record a video of your test taking environment.

PPC Greg shared this screenshot of the email on X:

Google Ads Certification Recording

It reads:

This Skillshop certification uses online proctoring services from Honorlock to ensure exam integrity. You can refer to the Instructions Guide for a complete walkthrough. As part of this process, before the exam, you will be asked to:

  • Take a picture of a photo ID
  • Take a picture of your face
  • Record a video of your test taking environment
During the exam, a live proctor will monitor your activity via your webcam and screen-sharing software. If the proctor notices any unauthorized behavior, they will pause your exam and message you. You will also be recorded during the exam for review purposes. These are the exam guidelines:
  • You are Not Allowed to have open books
  • You are Not Allowed to have notes
  • You are Not Allowed to use scratch paper
  • You are Not Allowed to take restroom breaks
  • You are Not Allowed to use handheld calculator, you will have a calculator built into your test screen
  • You are Not Allowed to use headphones
  • You are Not Allowed to wear hats
  • You can take your exam in a public area, without any people in the background
  • Moderate background noise is"
Those are some strict exam rules...

Here is some of the reaction to these new rules:

Forum discussion at X.

Update: More details provided by Google's Ads Liaison:

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