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Elisabeth Osmeloski

This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series - feel free to nominate someone over here.

Elisabeth Osmeloski, 40 years old, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and 82 pound lap dog. Oh and yes, she hits the ski slopes a lot - that is a picture of her flying down that mountain. She knows how to have fun but she is also super giving of her time to the industry.

I've worked with Elisabeth back when I first joined Search Engine Watch, where we both eventually came over to Search Engine Land after leaving that property. Elisabeth first started in the industry by speaking at Search Engine Strategies in 2001 and has more than 18 years in this space.

Elisabeth is often behind the scenes, working hard to make the people in the industry better. She works on helping people advance their careers in the space, she works on building relationships and she works on tons of networking and social events to benefit the industry and those within it. From the Search Engine Land Awards to honoring those we have lost in the industry - Elisabeth has been fundamentally involved in keeping the industry together, as a family for decades.

She has written about SEO, PPC, SEM. She has implemented these techniques for her clients in the past and now for Third Door Media. But again, it is not just about her knowledge, her experience, her tactics and what she has shared in that area. For me, Elisabeth has done so much for the industry to make it better as a whole and for many individuals that it is truly mind-boggling.

Carrie Hill nominated Elisabeth and wrote:

Way back in 2006, Elisabeth was helping to organize SES conferences and put together the first ever travel-focused SEO/SEM conference in Seattle. She took a chance an a relative newcomer to travel/online marketing and asked me to speak about PPC/Keyword Research. It was the beginning of a lot of success for me not only in Travel, but the SEO/SEM industry as a whole. I'll be in debt to her for giving me a chance for a long time :) Thanks, Elis - you're the best!

Elisabeth Osmeloski Bio: Elisabeth has over 18 years experience in digital marketing, with agency and consulting background, she first started speaking at Search Engine Strategies in 2001 and went to work for Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Watch in 2004. She is currently VP of Marketing & Experience for Third Door Media, focused on behind-the-scenes event production and overseeing the experience for attendees of Search Marketing Expo and the MarTech Conference series. In addition, she manages multiple marketing tasks for leading publications Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today. She is also the founder of Utah's largest digital marketing association, SLC|SEM.

Favorite thing about the SEO community? They are like family to me. No, seriously -- I spend more time annually with my favorite search people than I see my actual family, who live back East.

One piece of advice to the SEOs out there? Specializing in a particular area of search marketing is incredibly smart - when you focus your energy on becoming an expert in one particular area, it can drive your career forward. But I also recommend keeping up with the broader landscape of marketing technology to see the bigger picture and give yourself broader options.

Favorite things in general? Purple. Pasta by the truckload. Wine to wash it down. I ski, mountain bike and many other adventure activities to balance it out.

What you want to be known for in the SEO space? This is a tough one - I'm absolutely proud to have discovered a lot of fresh faces (who have since become known as great talents) by giving them a platform to write at Search Engine Land or to speak at SMX over the years.

But I'm most proud of two big initiatives in the last few years 1) the local digital marketing association (SLCSEM.org) I founded in Utah, bringing together an awesome community of hundreds of the industry's best and brightest month after month and at its annual conference and 2) creating and overseeing the Search Engine Land Awards, a program that I truly believe rewards innovation and verifiable results with editorial integrity.

You can learn more about Elisabeth on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series - feel free to nominate someone over here.

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