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Bing Ads announced they now have shared budgets in their ad platform. This lets advertisers in Bing Ads to distribute a "single daily budget across all campaigns or a subgroup of campaigns."

Bing said "Shared Budgets eliminates the need to spend any extra time setting up and recalculating individual campaign budgets."

You can access the shared budgets in the web interface, the Editor and the API. It has these benefits:

  • Have a single budget that can be used by all campaigns under or by a subgroup of campaigns under an account.
  • Reduce time spent manually calculating how to allocate budget individually amongst a significant number of campaigns.
  • Optimize your unutilized budget by having Bing Ads automatically allocate remaining budget to campaigns that are performing well.

Here is a screen shot:

click for full size

Here is the use case:

Say you have a budget of $20 to be used uniformly between two campaigns every day. On a given day, Campaign A spends only $8 (of its $10 budget) because it got fewer impressions and clicks than usual. Using Shared Budget, if Campaign B is performing well Bing Ads will automatically allocate that unutilized $2 to Campaign B. This will increase the chance that any unutilized budget being used to drive more traffic.

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