Who's Google's Biggest Threat?

Sep 28, 2010 • 8:10 am | comments (1) by twitter mastodon | Filed Under Google News & Finances

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, in a video interview with Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal, Schmidt said Google's biggest competitive threat is Bing, not Facebook or Apple.

"Bing is a well run, highly competitive search engine," Schmidt tells the WSJ's Alan Murray in a long interview. Meanwhile, it's "too early to tell," how big a competitor Facebook will be, he says. Apple is, "the extreme expression of a closed system, but also a partner."

Well, yea, Yahoo is no competitor. Bing is the only real major search engine outside of Google now. Facebook and Apple are not really search engines, but they are seen by many as competitive in nature. They both step very close to each other.

But who is Google's biggest threat? Take my poll:

Personally, I think it is Google who is their own biggest competitor. They are trying to expand in so many areas, that I feel in some cases, search innovation is not always at the forefront. Of course, I am an outsider but do you agree?

There are lots of opinions at the forums, of course...

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