Google News Test Another New Design

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Google News seems to be constantly testing new user interfaces, features and designs. The latest design was hinted to in the Google News Help forum by Fred of Google and I spotted screen captures of it in the Google Blogoscoped Forums. Let me share those screen shots from Jérôme in the forum.

Here is the home page test:

Google News UI Update

Here is the article list test:

Google News UI Update

Jérôme has some outstanding feedback on this design:

Wow, I really hate this and it's probably the worst change I ever had with a Google service.

  • It canceled all my personalization
  • I can't remove the local news sectio, which must be restrict to a city-level to make sense (very poor quality otherwise)
  • I can only have one column.
  • I can't chose how each topic should rank, i.e I'm forced to have the entertainment section above the health one.
  • I have to hover each headline for about 1 second to get few words about th article. It makes absolutely no sense to wait that long compared to go directly read the article. "Japan Economic Data Worsens – Wall Street Journal – Tomoyuki Tachikawa – ‎3 hours ago‎" How meaningful is this?

Personally, I agree on many points. I don't like the current interface for Google News, but is this an improvement?

Forum discussion at Google News Help and Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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