Google Image Search Filter Now Faster?

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Zeus, a member at WebmasterWorld, is known by the members there as the guy who watches over Google Image Search. Whenever there is a Google Image Search change, he is aware of it and lets the rest of us know.

Most recently, he is reporting that Google Image Search's SafeSearch filter is getting a bit faster. In the past, it took three to six months for Google to update the images caught by their filter. Now, he said, it took less than two weeks. I am not sure if it is just a coincidence or something else, but this is what he said:

For about a year ago you could wait up to 3-6 Month if you have made some changes to your site to get more images listed under "Moderate search", last week I made a test with a website, which have been online for a long time, but no biggie. On the site there where a few bad comments to some images, the site lost a lot of images in Moderate search, went down to 91 from about 500.

Now i removed those comments and waited for only about 7-10 days and all images where back in moderate search, thats a VERY good improvement to the filter, still some images are lost in filter which should be shown, but I think thats ok a Images search algo is almost as if a blind person have to filter the images in good or bad, they cant see the images.

Has anyone else noticed Google updating the image index faster, in terms of those images being filtered by SafeSearch?

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