Daily Search Forum Recap: January 6, 2009

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Is Google's PageRank Indicators in Webmaster Tools Useless?
    A WebmasterWorld thread asks just how accurate is the table in Google Webmaster Tools that shows the details of "Your page with the highest PageRank." It is found under "Statistics" and then under "Crawl stats" at the bottom of the page. Here is a picture of mine: Yes, no data available for December. In fact, I checked four sites really quickly, and they all said the same thing. Maybe it is a bug for me,
  • SEO's View of Google's Greatest Achievements of 2008
    Frank Watson posted a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums asking members what they feel Google's top achievements of 2008 were. Here are some of the responses from the thread: Google, swooping in to muck up any and all Yahoo/MSN talks with very little effort was impressive. They didnt even dirty their hands.Not related to search but I think it's pretty cool that they invested in esolar and brightsource. These are startup electric power companies
  • Are Google AdSense Optimization Reports Helpful?
    Google AdSense began testing AdSense optimization reports about two years ago. They officially released in in April 2007 and publishers were eager to get tips from Google. We then began noticing that the tips were not only repetitive and automated but also sometimes offering wrong tips all together. So, now two years later, I ask you via a poll, are these optimization reports useful or helpful to you in any way? Please take the poll,
  • Yahoo Updates Search Advertisers Terms & Conditions
    Last night, Yahoo sent out an email to their Search Marketing advertisers, notifying them that they have updated the terms and conditions. So I compared the current version to the archived version to see what significant changes have been made. Here is a list of changes that I found, I may have missed some, but I think I got the major items. (1) Removed "Overture" from the document. Yahoo bought Overture back in 2003. (2)
  • Case Study: Transferring Google PageRank With Redirects
    An older WebmasterWorld thread has been updated to share the time frame it took this webmaster to transfer his Google PageRank scores from old URLs to new URLs. In summary, he set up a new URL structure (possibly a new domain, but that is not so clear). He redirected his old URLs to the new URLs. He then noticed his PageRank was gone, completely. So he got nervous. The folks in the thread suggested he
  • Are Low Google AdWords Quality Scores Due to "Penalties"?
    You don't hear the word "penalty" come up much when you are talking about Google's AdWords program. I hear it all the time with Google's web search algorithm, but rarely when it comes to Google's AdWords quality score algorithm. In a AdWords Help thread a Google representative actually used the term penalty, to describe why a person has a low quality score. The advertiser asked why his Quality Score is so low, in which AdWordsPro

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

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