Google AdWords Treats Accented Characters As Different Words

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Did you know that using accented characters in Google AdWords would mean you need to use both variations? For example, if you advertiser for the keyword [construção], you would also need to advertise for the unaccented version [construcao]. I guess this is a good thing, because sometimes, advertisers only want to show their ads to those who are capable or knowledgeable to use accented characters when searching.

A Google AdWords Help Discussion asks this question. AdWordsPro Sarah replied saying:

Great question. The short and simple answer is that the system reads these as two different words. Accented characters are treated as their own letters, not variations on the base letters. That said, if you included one of these words in broad match, the chances of the keyword expanding out to the other variation is very good because the keywords are so similar. If everything is exact match, you will need to include both.

So technically, they are different words. But if you use broad match, it is possible, but not guaranteed, that Google will show your ad when you bid for [construção] but someone searches for the unaccented version of [construcao] or visa versa.

We discussed a similar topic two years ago on how the non-paid algorithms handle accented characters.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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