Analytics Vendors and Package Implementation

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Moderator: Melanie Mitchell

Brett Crosby, Group Manager Google Analytics, Google is replaced by Matt at Google (not Cutts). He begins talking about core concepts to using web analytics. Waiting for any new stuff... I.e. talks about how to install Google Analytics, I'll assume most readers know how to do that. Google has added custom reporting, as we reported in the past.

ugh, this is so basic, I am sorry. Then my computer froze, I am sorry for not covering his presentation.

Jamie Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Engine Ready is next up.

Web Analytics Vendors including Yahoo (IndexTools), Google Analytics (Urchin), WebTrends, Lyris, ClickTracks, Coremetrics, Unica, Omniture.

You first need to think about your site's goals and then you can track it with analytics. You need to know how much each goal is worth. KPI (key performance indicators) should be an action.

There are a lot other people who use analytics now, not just web developers, but also marketing, designers, etc. Each user uses different types of reports.

He then explains how analytics works and what it tells you...

Originally, web analytics was basically your log file and all we knew was a "hit." 3rd party analytics came along to fill this void.

Analytics is based on patterns.

6 Mistakes with Installing Analytics: - Version control issues - Not setting up your conversions or goals - Forgetting to tag every page - Each code snippet not having the right path in the JS file - Putting the code at the bottom of the page (yea, you want it at the top) - Multiple accounts using same code

Top 3 Mistakes When Setting up Campaigns - Not setting up your goals - Make sure everything has a unique tracking campaign - Not testing destination URLs

You should know your conversion rate like you know your social security number. You can cross reference your conversion data with your analytics. Conversion tracking only tells you half the story, you need both.

Everyone should have campaign summary at the tip of their fingers. Get in the shoes of your editors, show them what is going on with the analytics. Assist tracking is important, but most tools dont do a great job tracking it. Call tracking, what he calls is the X factor.

Richard Zwicky, CEO, Enquisite who is a really good guy is now up. They focus on just SEARCH analytics, not global analytics, but search.

He is making everyone stand up!

He asks a bunch of questions and his point in this standing contest is to explain what segmentation is.

The market place is becoming more sophisticated. You need to leverage the tools so you can understand your customers better and market better to them.

Ecosystem: Collect, analyze, report, optimize, and monetize.

You need to track the life cycle of that user.

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