Do You Know Who is Speaking at Pubcon?

Oct 9, 2008 • 8:40 am | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Conferences Coverage

This year, Pubcon 2008 is going to be held between November 11 through the 14th in Las Vegas. Both Barry and I will be blogging and speaking, but the best news is all about the keynote speaker -- the Pubcon blog announces that producer George Wright of Blendtec's "Will it Blend" series will be keynoting the event.

How are people reacting? Well, in a paid WebmasterWorld discussion, people can't believe it and can't wait.

Are prizes on the horizon? I've been a huge fan of Will it Blend for such a long time and want to get one of those blenders myself, but my $25 blender seems to do the job. I'm not alone, it seems:

I so covet one of these, but $350 is a little steep for a blender (last I checked the price).

If you're not going to Pubcon, then, it's time that you signed up!

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld (paid link).

This post was pre-written and scheduled to be posted on October 9th.

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