Losing Trust in Google?

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Of course we would never lose trust in Google. This topic has to do with sites seemingly losing the trust of Google from an algorithmic perspective, and if there is any sort of SEO analysis that could be used to offset the apparent losses.

Whitey over at WebmasterWorld Forums explains:

"Two sites in our network have been behaving strangely recently, and I'm wondering if they signify how Google handles "Trust Rank" where entire sites fall into different minus levels."
He goes on later in the thread to offer a theory:
"Google was much more random in it's application of "penalties" or "trust filters" in the past. A site could go anywhere in the SERP's or indeed not appear. But now it falls [ or rises ] into different levels [ minus penalties ] site wide. And sometimes for keywords from what I can see."
This is an interesting theory and it is very possible that Google could apply more consistent penalties across sites based on a single factor causing the loss of trust. This ties into both the previous "Google Minus X" discussions and the idea that if one negative factor can hurt an entire site, perhaps it is possible for competitors to damage your organic rankings.

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