Are there Best Practices for Link Building?

Apr 3, 2008 • 9:39 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

In Search Engine Land's weekly column about link building, Eric Ward tackles a question about link building best practices. Is there such a thing?

Guess what? The answer is no.

He explains:

The problem with link building best practices is that if you ask ten link builders to agree on a set of best practices, each of them will be right, and each of them will be wrong, myself included.

What works for one link builder may not work for another link builder and vice versa. There's just no "standard" for link building. It comes down to the site's goals -- if they're looking to monetize, if they're looking for traffic, if they're looking for conversions, etc.

But since folks at Sphinn were looking for more, Eric has started a new column on his blog called Link Building Best Practices.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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