What You Should NOT do a Search Conferences

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Todd Malicoat wrote a funny post about the 15 ways to be a SEO conference douchebag, that is, what you should not do at the search engine conferences to upset other attendees. His list includes being a pushy salesperson, soliciting people to write for you for free, drinking too much, asking questions that have already been answered during the session, stalking women, blog everything you overhear in confidence, and more.

What irks me as a liveblogger? The people whispering in the first few rows when I'm trying to liveblog a session. If you've chosen to sit near the front of the room, it's hopefully because you've intended to listen to what the people have to say. I also find it annoying when people run to the front of the room to get a front row seat and end up surfing Facebook. You don't need to sit in the front of the room for that. Go to the back and give those seats to people who actually need to work.

So uh yeah, now you know Todd's pet peeves and my own. Behave at the conferences and give the front row to the livebloggers. We already try to get there early enough. ;)

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