What's the Typical Search Engine Optimization Industry Consulting Rate?

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A member at Cre8asite Forums asks how much the typical industry standard fees are for Search Engine Optimization services. Is there a set number to quantify services?

As one person says, not really. You should look at ROI, but there are other things as well.

If you do want to quantify SEO, track net profit (ROI). That's the best metric ever. Secondary metrics could be conversions, such as downloads, sign ups, sales, etc.

But as Ammon Johns says, you need to look at other things, such as "What is the end value to the buyer?" He explains that it is about the law of supply and demand.

Price for services isn't spelled out like with manufactured goods, based on materials, costs, and a reasonable profit margin. Instead it is all about supply and demand. An SEO with no demand for his specific services can charge whatever he likes and still have no demand. Meanwhile another SEO in heavy demand will be forced to increase prices just to reduce demand, or at least to compensate for the fact that each job he takes is three others he turned down.

So, what do you think? Add your value to the conversation at Cre8asite Forums.

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