What is FeedRaider and Why Does it Rank Above Me?

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At Cre8asite Forums, Barry Welford is a bit peeved. See, he has this blog post that was ranking #1 on Google, and all of the sudden, he was bumped down to #2 from a site called FeedRaider.com which simply regurgitates his blog post content. Barry says:

This particular website had not been on my radar screen previous to this. I am most surprised that their item can rank higher since I am not sure it would have sufficient inlinks.

This is also my first time hearing about such a site. Quite annoying, and I understand Barry's frustration.

Numerous members thought that the reason for this is because of the freshness of the page. Feedraider scraped Barry's content after Barry posted it, and therefore was able to rank higher. After a few days, Barry's post ranked #1 again, but during this time, it was a bit of an annoyance.

What can one do to prevent this in the future? First of all, they can warn Matt Cutts who is likely reading this post (hi Matt!) to see about sites like this which seem to rank well for no apparent reason. Second of all, they can review their logs to prevent FeedRaider and similar sites from accessing the content in the future. But it probably will be a short-lived thing if anything, though yes, it is not the most ideal situation.

Addendum: Apparently Feedraider has one inlink that I know of from Steve Rubel's post about it in 2006.

Forum discussion continues at Cre8asite Forums.

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