Google Recommends AdSense Publishers use Electronic Funds Transfer

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Has your Google AdSense check been bounced? If so, you're not alone. Google recommends instead that you opt in for Western Union or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to eliminate the hassle.

AdSenseAdvisor says that Google is not out of money and can pay every publisher:

First of all, our accounts are not closed and we do have sufficient funds to pay all publishers every month. We use a non-traditional check format that some bank tellers seem to have trouble handling. We chose this system because it's designed to ensure timely and accurate payments even in large monthly volumes. Our payments team is investigating the specific difficulties banks are encountering so that we can figure out how to make things easier for all of you.

Deposit those checks!

AdSense checks are for deposit only. We've heard that some banks will tell clients who try to cash these checks that there is a problem with the check, but in fact it's a problem with the cashing.

If you choose to go ahead with cashing your check with the bank, check with them:

Ask your bank about their check-clearing times. As I'm sure you know, these will vary from bank to bank, and some banks may take a considerably longer time than others.

And instead of checks, try something different:

I strongly encourage you to sign up for EFT or Western Union if you live in a country that offers one of these forms of payment. This will reduce check mailing delays and mishaps, clearing times, bank miscommunications, and many other errors.

That clears things up a bit. But any bank refusing to cash a Google check is clearly clueless. :)

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