Should Google Block AdWords Qualified Professional Pages?

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If you take a look at the AdWords Robots.txt file, you will notice that they disallow "Disallow: /*?"

Technically, that disallows all Google AdWords Qualified Professional pages. Here is an example of one Google AdWords Professional page. Notice the URL is Since Google disallows /*?, Google won't index them fully.

Ah, but what about the 1,300 pages Google seemed to have indexed at Well, those are not fully indexed, as you can see. It seems like that is just linkage data, and that is why those are listed in the index.

The big question is why does Google not index them? Is it a duplicate content reason? Do you feel that this information is redundant to the company's web site? Is there no added value to having these pages found in a Google search? I find that hard to believe. Even more so, Google has approved these AdWords advertisers, so there is an element of trust, a stamp of approval, so why block these pages from being indexed? Clearly, the link to the company's home page does not have a nofollow attribute applied to the link, but it doesn't really need one if the page isn't indexed.

What do you think? Should Google index these pages or not? Should Google nofollow those links if they are indexed?

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