Are Social Media Memes Overrated?

May 24, 2007 • 10:03 am | comments (1) by | Filed Under Social Search Engines & Optimization

An interesting discussion has arisen in the Cre8asite Forums where a member asks about the benefit of memes.

What's a meme, you may ask?

These are the "Why I Blog?", "My Favorite Charity", etc. blog posts that list the site owner's thoughts and then they tag others to continue the discussion.

Lately, a lot of interesting memes have arisen. There was the first one that I participated in which asked 5 things that you don't typically know about me. After that, there was the Why I Blog meme. I've been tagged by a few other memes, including in a "what offline magazine publications do you read?" and "what charities do you give to?" and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I'm not alone.

Other Cre8asite Forums members feel similarly. Many feel that "after the first few memes they lose their appeal." As for me, I'm not sure if I am bored by memes, but I certainly feel an obligation to comply with the requests, even when I'm not sure what to say!

What do you think? Discussion continues at Cre8asite Forums.

This article was written this past Tuesday and scheduled for publication on Thursday, May 24th.

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