Google AdWords Negative Suggestion Tool: Useful? Visible?

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In a Search Engine Watch forums post, AussieWebmaster asks if anyone is using the Google AdWords negative keyword tool and whether it is useful or not.

As Barry wrote in an earlier post, Google is giving the negative keywords tab, which has little exposure and use at the present, more visibility.

This is where it used to be:

Google Keyword Tool Negative Words

But some people are now seeing it with a standalone tab:

Google Keyword Tool - Negative KW Tab

What do people think about the tool in general? Some people are finding it useful, but others are not:

I used it last week. Personally I don't think much of it . I entered 5 keywords as suggested but it didn't give me anything. I continued to add keywords and eventually it spat out a negative keyword - but nothing very impressive.

I have been using this for a while. It is an excellent tool! In most cases I run it in an ad group, add a bunch of negative keywords then run the clean sweep function to add them as campaign negative keywords.

Google has provided a document that will give you an understanding into how you can use the negative keyword tool. You can try it at the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. (I still see it in a drop-down and not a tab.)

Do you have it? Do you think it's effective? Did you even know about it?

Forum discussion continues at Search Engine Watch.

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