Digg Digest - 03/28/07: 66 Link Building Tips, Google's Secret Sauce & 18 Ways to Pimp your Google Calendar

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digg-digest-icon.jpgAs you may have read, we've started a brand new Digg column. There are plenty of social news promotional sites out there, but a big favorite among the industry's most respected search engine folks is Digg. We've done some sleuthing to see what interests these folks in the world of search.

Google announced that it accepted applications for its summer of code week-digg-man.gif, the open source project for college students. Then, once you finish coding and graduate, you might want to consider a job with Google. Jason Warner, head of staffing, tells you what not to wear week-digg-man.gif on your Google job interview.

Link building is hot this season. Some fine young man compiled a list of 66 ways to build links week-digg-man.gif. On that note, check out some of the same people I stalk read about talk about link building week-digg-man.gif.

Can you rank higher on Google? Google's secret sauce week-digg-man.gif awaits your challenge. This four-page article is an interesting read and quotes a lot of industry experts.

Did I hear traffic? Yeah, it took me a little longer to get to work today too. Well, there's been an interesting study that was released week-digg-man.gif that shows that changing the structure of your URL does increase rankings, and consequently, traffic. And if you're looking for more tips to improve your rankings, you might want to consider these six tips week-digg-man.gif that address redirects, subdomains, custom 404 pages, and more.

For a 18 cool ways to pimp your Google calendar, check out these hot tips week-digg-man.gif.

Oh, and I'm sure you remember that last week, Google got pretty with personalization from a design standpoint. Did you know that these personalized themes also have some easter eggs week-digg-man.gif? Now you do.

Li notes that the PPC model can be affected week-digg-man.gif by Google's new Pay Per Action implementation.

If you didn't catch it from us, Google has launched a new mobile search engine week-digg-man.gif.

So, there you have it... fun finds from our search industry experts and people I need to keep active on Digg so I have something to write about admire.

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