Geo Targeting Tips With Yahoo! Search Marketing


There is a relatively old Search Engine Watch Forums thread that has a new post from Discovery with some nice information. He was originally wondering why his geo targeted campaign towards Texas was sending zero traffic to his site and zero impressions on his ad.

Yahoo! informed him he was being way to specific with his campaign.

What Discovery did was created one campaign that was:

  1. Geo targeted to Texas
  2. Uses Texas specific keyword qualifiers
  3. Created a Texas specific landing page

Yahoo! recommended that he create two different campaigns. A campaign for that was geo targeted towards Texas, using the geotargetting tools. And another campaign that uses Texas specific keyword qualifiers.

That method worked, Discovery is now getting traffic, but the traffic isn't converting as well as one would like.

Why did the previous method not work? I suspect it may have to do with it possibly being rare for some Texans to search using the word Texas. So imagine, you live in Texas and you are looking for a local auto insurance company. Would you search "texas car insurance" or "car insurance"? I am not sure - I am a bit too involved in search to be considered the typical searcher...

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