Forum Members Vote If Google PageRank Score Is "Overhyped"

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After writing my piece named Why Do Some SEOs Want Toolbar PageRank To Go Away? I found a thread at DigitalPoint Forums asking members to vote if "PR is Overhyped."

Here are the current results:

80% vote yes, PageRank is overhyped 20% vote no, PageRank is not overhyped

This is currently out of 71 votes.

Now, the question isn't asked in too much detail. As I discussed in my article from yesterday on PageRank, there are two sets of PageRank. The first is the score shown in the toolbar, that is way out of date. The second is the actual score Google uses in part of the algorithm to rank pages. Again, PageRank is just one of many variables used in the ranking algorithm. Does it have any importance? Yes. How much importance is that? I would say not much, but some importance. But I just worry about people looking to closely at the toolbar PageRank, more on that here.

In any event, if you have time, go over to the DigitalPoint Forums thread and vote, I would love to see a few hundred votes from the SEO community on this topic.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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