Why Hasn't the Google Algorithm Been Leaked?

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks why hasn't the Google algorithm been leaked? Often company secrets have been leaked in the past, such as company product releases and more. But why not Google's algorithm.

Well, it kind of has been. Over the years, Google has changed their algorithm time and time again to try to stay ahead of those who figured it out. If you can honestly tell me that your strategy to rank a page in Google has not changed in five years, at all - then you prove me wrong. But it is clear to me that once there was content, then there was PageRank, then there were raw links, then there were specific type of links and now there is trust.

Things leak, things are discovered through backwards engineering. Google has to constantly upgrade and tweak their algorithm to combat this and make their results "more relevant."

In addition, there is not one person who holds the keys and knowledge to the complete Google algorithm. You hear Matt Cutts talk and he frequently says, he needs to go to team A or team B to figure out the current way Google handles X, Y or Z. The collective brain power of the algorithm, helps keep only parts and pieces of the algorithm spread out through the whole company.

But aside from that, hasn't the Coca Cola recipe been kept under lock and key for a really long time? Why not Google?

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