Is Link Building Like Trying To Get A Date?

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Is obtaining links really as hard as getting a date? Getting a date with someone you like can be an ordeal and difficult at times. All that anxiety and waiting and anticipation, enough to make do things you normally won't do if you were in the right mind. Love can be intoxicating, and so can the accumulation of links. So what are the similarities to dating?

There is a really entertaining thread on High Rankings that is having some fun with the comparison. The thread started out with a desperate webmaster asking: "Many people says paid link is no good, reciprocal link is no good, article submission to directory is no good, so, how can you do link building?"

Good question, the thread starts off and one of the members, jehochman, says:

Looking for links is like trying to get a date. If you are desperate, nobody respectable will be interested, but if you relax and behave nicely, you'll have plenty of success.

Debra Mastaler follows it up with some good advice on link building in general. She says "Link building, whether to drive traffic/publicity or to assist with rank, isn't just about one tactic. Nothing is ever just about one thing because nothing exists alone." I agree, its takes some good creativeness and determination to get out there and obtain links.

And finally, same great advice on instilling urgency in your linking building practices:

The more desparate you appear to be for the link (or the date), the less chance you have of getting it -- the linkee (potential date) is going to start to wonder what the urgency is, you'll raise suspicions, and next thing you know you're spending Friday night alone with the TV remote control and a pint of Haagen Daz.

Despite being a bit silly, there are some excellent points in this thread. Too many times do people confuse urgency with importance. Links are of high importance, but they should not be considered urgent. If you run around the internet with the urgent need for links, you will run into less than satisfactory oppourtunities for linking. People will not respond to your urgency, as it they don't have too. Look at obtaining links as obtaining a hot date. Take your time and behave nicely.

Continued discussion at High Rankings - Links Like Dates?

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