Targeting The Search Phrase "Google" In AdWords & Weird Looking Google AdWords Titles

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Every now and then, when you do a search on google at, you notice sponsored ads on the right side of the page. Soon after, those ads seem to always disappear. Google doesn't like it when other companies bid on the name Google, in their search campaigns. It is a branding and trademark issue, that all brands have concerns about. But like anything with Google, people get through the system and get an ad up under the keyword "google."

Last week, I was notified of a weird looking ad, that lead to some sort of Arabic model site. The add came up in the sponsored results at for a search on google. It looked like;

Google Arabic Model Site

and it linked to this landing page, which I can not understand, but looks to me like a model site. The ad is no longer present, but as you can imagine, the ad stood out on the page, due to its unique looking title.

Which brings me to the next case, of advertisers using weird unicode characters to make their ads stand out from the competitors. One such case, was posted in Search Engine Watch Forums for a search on sitemaps at The search brought up an ad that looked like;


Again, this ad is no longer present, but you see how folks are targeting Google or Google products and making the title of the ad, look unique and flavored. Happens all the time.

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