Is SEO Really That Easy?

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Someone sure seems to think so. It seems some of the forum members from SEW are trying to understand why SEO appears to be quite easy, but in reality can be more difficult than it lets on. It being one area where what is learned in a book is quite different than what is learned in the real world. The forum member is applying a "keep it simple stupid" argument to search engine optimization and its methods. But really, if it was all that simple would we all consider it a career?

According to the thread this is how easy SEO is: All I need to do is create a website and add lots and lots of keywords, submit to 100 search engines and directories, get loads and loads of links, use meta-tags, and THAT'S ALL!

Unfortunately I hate to break the bubble of the original poster, but SEO really isn't that easy. The best test to prove this, is to create a website like above and see how far you get. Ian McAnerin makes a good analogy between SEO and Chess, saying:

For one thing, if SEO was super easy, then everyone would be number one for their own keywords, and forums like this would not exist, nor would professional SEO's, or the fees they charge.

Chess is easy too. There are a limited number of rules and pieces. Yet, someone usually loses, and someone usually wins, and some people spend their whole lives studying it without becoming "masters". There are tournaments and clubs and so forth.

That's a lot of effort for something so "easy".

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