Google Buys Another Cool Gadget...3D Mapping Soon?

Mar 14, 2006 • 5:48 pm | comments (1) by | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Barry blogged this morning about Google's recent purchase of SketchUp (was trying to think about a "catsup vs. ketchup" joke here but I am slow today I think). According to the site, we will soon be able to use this product as described:

SketchUp Google Earth plugin, you can use Google Earth to view 3D models in their real-world context. You're no longer limited to just viewing the world through satellite imagery; now you can build on the tapestry provided by Google Earth.

There is a cool example at the above link, as well as instructions about downloading the product and taking it for a spin. I am personally not a big user of Google earth, having practically no time for it, but I am sure this could be of great use to many people. Of the top of my head comes the real estate profession, potentially savings thousands of dollars in aerial photography costs alone? I also assume there will be certain areas not "mapable," based on post 9/11 security issues

The discussions have just started at Search Engine Watch Forums and at the Roundtable Forums.

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