A Typical SEO Daily Routine

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Search Engine Watch Forums has a thread asking members What's Your SEO Daily Routine? Now, I know many SEOs, some are morning people, some are evening people and some are sporadic. So typical in the SEO community, as with many other industries, is not so typical.

I pattern I see in the responses include;

  • Most read blogs on a daily basis.
  • Some devoted listen to podcasts
  • Many obviously check forums
  • Meetings
  • Work Work
  • Phone Calls & EMails

One member posted his strict SEO schedule;

8am - 10am give or take 1-4hrs: Check client rankings with proprietary tool, get my SEO news fix through my 27feeds on Google reader, and check and respond to emails. 10am - Noon give or take 1-4hrs: Optimization tweaks, link building, competition research 1pm - 3pm give or take 1-4hrs: Keyword research, web design, blogging, forums, etc 3pm - 5pm give or take 1-4hrs: New client research, optimization, meetings 5pm: Go home. 5:30pm - 10:30pm give or take 1-4hrs: Webdesign, SEO, and PPC for my own personal websites and clients

My Routine? 6:30am- 7:15am: Respond to emails 7:15am-8:00am: Get to work (few stops on way) 8:00am-9:00am (maybe longer): Blog here 9:00am-6:00pm: RustyBrick work and sometimes check forums for more stories (if time allows) 6:00pm-7:00pm: Either go home or stay at work 7:00pm-?: More work or Play basketball or go to NYC to see fiance.

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