Google Base Having its Cake and Eating it Too

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Remember Google Base, you know the way to get any data into Google and be searchable? Anyway, Danny is peeved about Google Base Switches To Force All Searchers Through Jump Pages. He wants the folks to go directly to the end page and not have to jump through hoops.

But what is also interesting is the subtle buzz that the community makes about this change. To the average folk it might not be a big deal. To Danny and others in the SEM community, it is. Yesterday Wail at SEW forums posted a new term I have not seen before (doesn't mean he invented it but I didn't see it before), the term is;


Like SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages. GERPs stands for Google Engine Results Pages. Why does it deserve its own term? They "are different because they'll include oneBox content such as News, Shopping, stock exchange data, etc." Include Google Base and other items, the "search results", organic, natural, free listings are no longer seen by the searchers. They now see GERPs or GRPs. Google selected onebox results.

Google, can you have your cake and eat it too? Time will tell.

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