SEO Companies Rank Well for Own Keywords

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We have all seen Web design companies that say something to the effect of, "We are too busy designing sites for our clients, to make our site professional looking." Personally, I understand that, but I think its unprofessional to have a site that doesn't represent your design abilities as a design company. In my case, we are an automation company and we have invested a lot of time automating our processes. Why? Not because we want to necessarily show it off, but mostly because we believe in what we sell. :)

So when it comes to SEO firms not ranking well for keyword phrases, what does that mean? Does it mean that the SEO firm is too busy ranking its clients well? Does it mean that they are bad SEOs if they don't rank well themselves? Does it mean they don't want the leads?

That is the topic of discussion at a Search Engine Watch Forums thread named The importance of your own firm's rankings? In this thread they discuss the pros and cons of ranking well for keywords like SEO or search engine optimization. The number of leads and that conversion rate of those leads can be extremely low. At what point does your SEO firm become a sales firm? A good discussion I have not seen in a while.

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