Save Jeeves! Pask Ask Employee Speaks Out

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Save Jeeves, so says a very concerned blogger! It appears one of the past employees of Ask are getting up in arms about the decision from Ask/IAC to sack the butler. He apparently has a following that is voicing their dismay at loosing him eventually. Over at the new createdSave Jeeves Blog, an unnamed anonymous person who says he is "a former Jeeves employee, who has put in many years of service to the butler, since the early heydays of the dotcom boom, to the darkest depths of looming bankruptcy, and the remarkable rebound" writes a long pointed article on why the Butler is so important to Jeeves.

Save Jeeves
The basis of his message I got is pretty simple, and I do see where he is coming from with this too. To summarize
Why would a company destory it's most recognizable brand?

He goes give evidence for the reasons for keeping the butler: "the sites most loyal users want Jeeves" "the other area in which Jeeves execs have been chronically short-sighted has been the value of Jeeves persona to kids." "he can't be replaced" "the butler is the most human face, the most welcoming character to greet the curious internet searcher." The probably the best yet argument I have heard yet is that Jeeves is just fun, why get rid of a bad thing?

You can decide for yourself what you think about Jeeves. For all the latest on the dedication to a search icon visit the Save Jeeves Blog

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