What To Call Duplicate Content Washing in Google - GoogleWashing, DupeWash, SourceWash?

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Danny Sullivan started a thread at SEW in response to a recent issue that has been brought to service. Back last week, Nick at Threadwatch reported on Matt Cutt's blog getting buried under Matt's home page with content created from other people who weren't so nice.

Nick called it hijacking, but Danny disagreed, and I happen to agree as well. Having worked with a bunch of these cases that last several years its not hijacking. Danny suggests coming up with a better name. Some possible suggestions:

GoogleWash - Your source page gets wiped out due to many other copies Google finds on other sites.

DupeWash -- the duplicate content filter causes the best pages from your OWN site to get lost. Usage: "I got dupewashed with that update." I'm not wedded to that term, just think we could use something less cryptic than "duplicate content filter."

SourceWash -- Related to DupeWash. It means the source material is washed out by all the duplicate content from across the web. You post, then 8 billion blogs repost what you had, then the source material gets wiped out.

Got a suggestion for a term? Continue discussion at SEW - Suggest Some Names!

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