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Aug 5, 2005 • 8:19 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Blog Administration

Some of you might have noticed the lack of ability to add a comment or trackback to an entry. During the upgrade, our spam detection device did not upgrade properly. So we had to turn this off temporarily. It will be turned back on either today or after the weekend.

I am sorry about this. Spam is a major issue, we must block hundreds if not thousands of attempts each day. Some get through and keep me busy hitting the delete key. That means less time for me to research the forum buzz and bring it to you guys. So comment spammers & trackback spammers - I know many of you read here, please put us on your blacklist - just this one little blog. :)

Also, many are reporting CSS issues, please shift+refresh the page a few times to clear your cache and they will go away. You are probably using the old style sheets, and it is messing up in your browser. A few shift+refreshes should clear up the issue. Thanks.

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