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So which search engine is most relevant after 3,244 rated search results? Here are some charts I put together for a quick preview of what is going on with The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge. Have your friends, family and the person working with you use it, so we can get a more representative sample. We are testing relevancy, not if my site ranks number one in this engine or not.

This pie chart shows the "most relevant" search engine by averaging the scores of all the ratings. The search engine listed at the top, is the most relevant engine. The number to the right of the name in the legend is the average rating for that seach engine. We then plotted that data in the pie chart.


This link graph groups search engines by rating. The reason we plotted it on a graph like this is to show you that there is this U shaped curve that is consistent between all search engines when rated. In our opinion, it means that most people either feel the results are relevant or not relevant. Very few people feel that a search engine can be "somewhat" relevant.


Finally, here is a raw summary count of data that we placed on a simple chart view for you. This data is real time and will continue to update as people rate. The averages from top-down are the average rating count by search engine. The averages from left-right are the average rating count by rating group. The value at the far bottom-right corner is the total rated search results obtain at this point in time at RustySearch.

Raw Summary Data
Search Engine12345Average
Ask Jeeves248737761329157.60
MSN Search291665676314160.60

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