Does Google Looking at Terms within Context of a Document?

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An interesting thread sprung up at Search Engine Watch forums named Does google attempt to put terms in context? In this thread a member asks "How intelligent is google when putting terms in the correct context?" The example the member uses is "Wristwatches". He has a page on Wristwatches and all the areas of the page are focused on that term, Wristwatches. If he had other verbiage, that relates to wristwatches, such as "Citizen", a brand of wristwatches, would Google recognize the difference. Would citizen be understood by Google as a brand of wristwatches or would it be understood by Google as a legal resident of a specific country?

Wow, that makes for a great question. And it led me back to the February update, where the topic of LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing was the latest craze. In an other entry related to this, Daron Babin (aka SEGuru) was quote explains it well in layman terms: "He recommends writing a page of content and pulling out the keywords, then give it to someone and ask them to figure out what they keyword is. He said its about the other words on the page, its that important. If the keyword is "apple" is the page about computers or fruit?"

In the thread, I posted a reply referencing Google Suggest. As a way of example, I said "Type in "citizen", as you start typing it in, it will suggest popular searches. You will notice that the 3rd suggestion is, in fact, citizen watches." It makes you wonder, if they can use this on a large scale, in real time, and return results within milliseconds...

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