Google Hijacking Attempt Blocked

Feb 17, 2005 • 8:29 am | comments (1) by | Filed Under Search & Web SEO Spam

One of the more scarier spam'ish tactics being deployed out there was the Hijacking of Google results through redirects. A post over at Search Engine Watch Forums named Evidence of Progress with Redirects/Hijacks?

In this post, "DaveAtIFG", old time admin at WMW writes that he was shown an example of a possible hijacking attempt that was put down by Google. When he dug deeper, he noticed several things:

1. When I click on/follow the link in the Google SERP, it goes directly to Liane's site bypassing the listed domain,
2. Also, when I follow the Google link, I see a 204 "No Content" Response code. (I've NEVER seen this used before, but perhaps I simply never noticed.)
3. Google's cache of the "" page displays Liane's site, sans images.
4. If I surf directly to the URL included in Google's listing (www, I see a 302 response code.
5. A not very thorough search of the site revealed two "normal" links to Liane's site, both return a 200 response.

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