DigitalPoint Coop Ad Network and the Sandbox

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This entry is in response to an article named Google Sandbox: Solved? by Brian Turner. Of course, by the name of the title, he is representing that he is not sure that his theory of solving the sandbox is correct or not. I am here to tell you that it is not correct.

The basic theory, to my understanding, is the by utilizing the Free Coop Ad Network by DigitalPoint, you will be able to get your site out of the sandbox. The reason behind it is that because the text ads that you set up, are found on a wide range of diverse sites, most with a respected level of PageRank. Brian compares his link selling service to the coop network in an effort to explain why his service is not working as much as he would like. He says that since his link service does not allow you to place links on higher PageRank'ed pages, your links remain in the Sandbox. Whereas, DigitalPoints free network, does allow your ads to be found on high PageRank'ed pages.

I was the first person to sign up with DigitalPoint's network, besides for DigitalPoint himself. I have a lot of experience with the network, are strongly recommend it. If you have an existing site that is a year or more aged, then the network can do wonders for you. I rank for keywords I would have dreamed to link for. I have tested brand new pages on old domain names. I have tested extremely competitive keywords as well. It is possible to achieve the rankings you want with this network, if you have a site or two that has its own weight.

I do not believe that the Sandbox has to do with links, themselves. People feel a new link is sandboxed. Also people think that a new URL is sandboxed. I think the sandbox goes on the domain name. I have tested the other variables and strongly believe its a new domain name issue.

I have sent links to new domain names with the DigitalPoint network and did not rank well for those keywords. Then I created similar pages, targeted the same keyword, but on an existing domain name (unsandboxed name) and I achieved top rankings for that keyword. The network will not get your site out of the sandbox, but it will help get your unsandboxed site in the top results.

Side note: Sorry for the quick entries today, I am out at meetings all day. I have a 30 minute break, where I wrote these past entries. Expect more later, thanks.

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